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Different Stages of Investment

Preparation stage

Service Detail


Estimated Cost

General company brochure

High quality bilingual brochure, designed, printed and banded, stored or delivered. First publishing: 5000 copies

£9,800 one off

Company new products

New service package will be designed based on targeted Chinese client’s needs, products sheets will be designed and printed. Including e-version

Minor printing cost

Company website

Tailored Chinese version companies website linked up with original based on existing company theme.

£1,000 one off plus minor annual maintenance fee

First oversea trip with Vision

3 Cities, meet 2 agencies, 5 potential clients, possible small group seminars.

£6,000 per person One week (price including 5* hotel and return flight)

VI Package (optional)

Chinese name design, goody bags, T-shirts, stationaries etc.

On request

Total duration: 6 – 8 month, cost may different depending on actual requirement.

Testing stage

Service details


Estimated cost


Arrange a small seminars in China. Topic: UK Immigration related

Venues and speakers cost.

China trips

Arrange meetings with 3 schools, 1 local authorities, 2 companies and 4 agencies. View potential office locations

Trip cost 2 persons 10days, including fights, food and accommodation.


Min. 5 deal leads, start to build up the client contact list 15 to 20. Follow ups

Potential profit to 60% of expenses

Testing report

Based on feedback from seminars and different meetings.



Duration 3 to 5 months

£ 16,000

Launching stage

Service details


Estimate Cost

First China office

Tier 1 cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen

Current rent cost in central Beijing we can get £12,000 to 15,000 per year, top quality 450sqf.

Legal compliance

Registration, accountant, licence


Set ups

Labour & training, stationary, rent etc. 2 staffs, 1 supervisors.

Detailed cost will present in a budgeting report


Duration : 1 year. Working with at least 20 agencies, agreement with 8 schools, 2 local authorities, 6 cooperate clients. 120 local contacts.

Service cost: £25,000 (for One dedicated project manager).

  • Source: The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute; World Bank; World Economic Forum.